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Rights & Permissions Information

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is now processing permission requests through the Copyright Clearance Center�s Rightslink program.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the article online that contains the content for which you are seeking permission using the table of contents, or the �Abstract� or �PDF� link for the article you are interested in.
  2. Select the �Request Permissions� link to the right of the abstract to open Rightslink.
  3. The following page will then be launched (turn off your pop-up blocker, if necessary):
  4. Log in to your existing account or create an account.
  5. Select the description of how you will be using the content from the drop-down menu.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions of your permission grant (one click). You will receive an e-mail providing you with an order confirmation and license details.

For questions about using the Rightslink service, please contact Customer Support via phone 877-622-5543 (toll free) or 978-777-9929, or email

  • If you cannot find the article for which you are seeking permission on the ASCO sites, please request permission from the Copyright Clearance Center at If you are still unable to secure permission after contacting the Copyright Clearance Center, then contact Our standard permissions request turnaround time is 10 business days. If your permission is needed within 5 business days, please note this on your form; a rush processing fee of $50 will be added to the standard permissions fee total.

Permission for Images, Figures, or Tables
Before requesting permission for a table, figure, or other illustration, please check the journal to be sure the image you wish to reproduce is not credited to another source. The citation may be listed under the figure or in a credit section of the publication. The American Society of Clinical Oncology can only authorize permissions for material for which it holds or manages copyright. You will need to secure permission to use any material copyrighted to another source directly from the source cited. For more information contact the U.S. Copyright Office (

General Information about Permissions:

  • Written permission to republish whole or parts of works owned by ASCO must be obtained prior to publication.
  • Please do not contact ASCO authors initially for permission. Request permission using the Rightslink service described above.
  • Permissions fees or other charges will be calculated on the basis of intended use, number of reproductions, and other factors (eg, multiple forms of reproduction, language, and content).
  • Companies requesting permission for abstract reprints must contact the Walchli-Tauber Group using the contact information provided at the bottom of this page.
  • Permission to reprint or reuse slides from ASCO meetings must be requested directly from the presenter unless a citation to a previously published paper is included in the slide. If the latter is the case, please contact the original publisher. Permission to use abstracts presented at ASCO meetings or ASCO co-sponsored meetings may be requested through Rightslink or the Walchli-Tauber Group (below) depending on the use of the material.
  • Adapted versions of ASCO tables or figures are not permitted. Permissions granted through Rightslink are for direct reprints only. Cosmetic changes (font, size, etc.) to a figure or table are not adaptations and are therefore acceptable. Omissions, additions or other substantive changes to the original material are not allowed.
  • Requests to reprint or otherwise use any ASCO or ASCO Cancer Foundation logos or service marks must be addressed by ASCO�s Permissions Division. Please e-mail details of your request to permissions{at}
  • Requests to translate full articles or other substantive portions of content must be requested through ASCO for evaluation. Send your requests to permissions{at}

Authors requesting permission to use their material

Without express permission, authors may do the following after their work has been published by ASCO. Note that the original ASCO work must be cited appropriately:

  • Present the work orally (partially or in its entirety) for noncommercial, educational purposes. To re-use material in any form other than a slide presentation (including handouts of the slides), permission must be requested.
  • Use the article in a thesis and/or dissertation.
  • Distribute up to 10 electronic reprints of the article to colleagues, but only for noncommercial purposes, and only by using the link provided by ASCO when the article was published. Additional copies are not permitted without purchase.
  • Post on the author�s personal Web site, departmental Web site, and/or the university intranet a hyperlink to the article on the ASCO journal website. Posting articles on institutional repositories is prohibited.
  • Requestors who incorrectly identify themselves as original article authors will have their permission revoked and may face other penalties.
For any of the above uses, the following permission line must be included: "Originally published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. [Author(s): Journal Vol. (issue), date: pp-pp]"

Note: Permissions obtained in violation of ASCO�s terms and conditions will be revoked without refunds.

For further information, please contact:
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Licensing, Rights & Permissions division
E-mail: permissions{at}
Licensing and Rights Assistant: (571) 483-1722
(703) 684-8720 (fax)

Bulk quantities of reprints of Journal articles, ASCO meeting abstracts, and Virtual Meeting presentations for Commercial Purposes or for abstract reprint collections:
You may order reprints of articles and meeting abstracts (paper copies and digital �e-prints�) in quantities of 100 or more from:
The Walchli Tauber Group, Inc.
2225 Old Emmorton Road, Suite 201
Bel Air, MD 21015
Phone: (443) 512-8899 ext. 111
Phone: (443) 512-8899 ext. 107
Fax: (443) 512-8909
Attn: Ms. Karen Burkhardt
Attn: Mr. Terry Dennsteadt

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